The Web is not Poor Man’s Native

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I read PPK’s “Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat” article with great interest.

I agree quite strongly that the web does not need to emulate native to provide a powerful, vibrant app ecosystem. If your goal is to build awesome experiences for the web, you will be very poorly served by attempting to just emulate native. The web has its own set of strengths – its ephemeral nature and lack of friction, for example, and its incremental security model.

However, I believe it’s fundamentally flawed to draw lines around the experiences you can build with the web, and “concede defeat” to native apps. PPK himself previously identified that “Web vs native [is] the wrong question”. The “web has to capitalise on its own strengths, primarily its reach”. To my mind, those strengths don’t end when the user wants a home screen icon to integrate that experience better in their…

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